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In 2019, Make Safety An Organizational Resolution


It’s 2019 and with the start of the new year, we all begin thinking, “how can I be a little better this year?” Many of us go straight to food resolutions: eating healthier, joining a gym, dropping a few pounds. However, how about making a resolution that will protect yourself and your organization? In a modern world of real safety and security risks, why not resolve to make protecting your organizational assets a priority?

Sovereign Threats - How A Huge Threat To Law Enforcement Thrives In Our Own Backyards


A subculture exists in most communities around the United States, whose followers believe in bizarre, complex anti-government sentiments. Sovereign Citizens, as they are commonly referred, believe that they—not judges, juries, law enforcement, or elected officials—get to decide which laws to obey and which to ignore.

Why Every Organization Should Have Active Shooter Preparedness Plans


The need for comprehensive policies, procedures and protocols an organization can adopt to identify and prevent threatening behavior and violence affecting the workplace, will allow a business to better address and resolve threats and violence that may occur in their work space.

Leading At-Risk Employees: The Workplace Safety Crisis


 People want to know that their leaders care about them and understand they have challenging lives that sometimes makes it difficult to put their best foot forward at work. A compassionate leader recognizes the humanity in their staff, and companies who uplift and foster positive growth are more likely to build a team of loyal, emotionally stable, “all-in” employees.